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DeveloperOnegame Studio Global
Requires4.0 & UP
Size133 MB
MOD Features One Hit, God Mode, Unlimited Card
Updated2 days ago

 super stick fight allstar

Super stick fight allstar allows players to select their heroes from a pool of 142 characters. The graphics in this game look amazing in high definition.


The super stick fight all star mod apk is currently available, and it is this game that we are going to talk about today. It is one of the best games available for anyone who enjoys action games with stick figures. 

It is an action-packed arcade game in which a variety of characters engage in combat against antagonists from a dark universe.

This game features a large cast of characters from various television shows, some of which you may already be familiar with. On the other hand, the game’s storyline is unlike any other. 

Some demon lords possess special powers that enable them to transport various bad characters from different regions of the universe into your world by using some portals. These demon lords can be found in your world.

You, along with your hero, who you will choose from a variety of characters, will set out on your quest and engage in combat with all of these evil powers across the multiverse to defeat them and protect your world from being destroyed by them.

You will also be able to engage in player-versus-player (PVP) combat in this version of the super stick fight all-star mod apk. In this mode, you can compete in one of seven distinct types of tournaments. 

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The modes that I am referring to are Beginner, Amateur, Pro, Top Player, Legend, God, and Ultimate, and each one presents its unique set of tasks for you to overcome.


The gameplay in this game is challenging and exciting. It features over five hundred different stages in which you will combat one of the evilest monsters in the entire universe.

You have access to various superheroes, like Goku and Naruto, among others. You may also get your hands on Superman and other Marvel and DC heroes. You can improve your hero’s capabilities and powers by spending the points and money you earn in this game on upgrades.Download Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK 4.14.0 (MENU MOD).

This game gives you access to over 140 characters, each of which has its unique fighting style and set of skills to use in battle. Therefore, deciding what kind of hero you wish to play is entirely up to you. You should choose just one of the heroes to invest in, enhance it, and become familiar with its capabilities and powers since this is the best use of your resources. This is a great suggestion for you.

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The next part will cover the characteristics of the Super Stick Fight All-Star Hero Mod Apk that can be downloaded here.

Unique Plot

The game features an original tale and narrative structure. You will obtain superheroes from various series, including Anime, DC Comics, and Marvel, as well as other superheroes from famous properties. They will all get together to battle a common foe in the multiverse, which will be the dark demons.

PVP Tournaments (Player vs. Player)

The super stick fight all star mod apk includes a player versus player (PVP) mode for use while playing the game online. Within this particular game mode, you can compete in seven distinct types of tournaments. 

The game can be played in these difficulty levels: Beginner, Amateur, Pro, Top Player, Legend, God, and Ultimate. Every single one is playing with their unique set of rules and responsibilities.

Method of Characterization

This game incorporates characters from various series and brands into its roster. You’ll see heroes like Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Iron Man, and others battling it together. 

Pay attention to the fact that you can also employ characters from anime like Naruto, Vegeta, and Goku. You can use them. There are a total of 140 superheroes from which you can select one to be your playable character.


Character Upgrades

You must continuously upgrade your characters to keep ahead of the competition against the genuine gamers who play the game online and the bad demons who play the game offline. 

These character enhancements will grant you higher power, enhanced combat fighting skills, and increased damage done and power refills. Additionally, your combat fighting skills will be upgraded.

What’s the Latest?

  • Version 3.2 of the game’s PVP mode has been updated. 
  • 7 leagues
  • Super diversified combat talents


In conclusion of the discussion regarding the super stick fights all-star mod apk, it is evident that it is a paradise for lovers of stick-man games as there are all sorts of heroes in this game with more than 500 different stages to fight against some mighty evil powers of the world. The discussion concluded by stating that the super stick fight all star mod apk is free on Google Play

Download the game immediately rather than waiting around if you want to experience exciting stick-man clashes in the multiverse.

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