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It’s time for post-processing now that the music video you just shot is finished. This level requires a strong balance of creative and technical skills, particularly with regard to filming. 

By providing you with some helpful advice and instructions on how to edit in caput, this guide aims to make the video editing process more efficient and simple.

Part 1: Is capcut a reliable tool for editing?

Capcut MOD APK is a wonderful tool for teaching you how to edit films if you’re seeking a free one. Although many individuals utilize the TikTok video editing tool, there are countless opportunities. 

Additional important and well-liked aspects of capcut are also there, which we shall discuss in this post. Basic editing functions, like using the app, are included, as well as more advanced functions like adding filters and background music. Capcut is generally suitable for simple editing.

Part 2: 10 Essential Capcut Editing Advice

These suggestions won’t teach you how to edit videos with capcut, but they can speed up the process and produce unquestionably excellent results.

1. Cut video segments

The beginning of a video is removed and cut with a trimming tool during video trimming. Because it enables you to delete pointless or boring stuff, this tool is useful and convenient. As a result, it is frequently a crucial component of practically all video editing software.

2.Splitting videos

You may quickly divide huge video files into smaller chunks using this tool. A split screen inserts many shots into the video frame, allowing you to choose whether to use them as your main theme or b-roll.

On the other hand, splitting the movie is an excellent method for demonstrating cause and effect or demonstrating how one scene relates to another if your video editor offers a split-screen feature.

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3. Upscaling

As you develop your editing skills with caput, you should change the video’s aspect ratio so that you can post it to Instagram or shrink it so that you can send it as an email attachment. The resize feature is really useful in this approach.

4. Rotating the video

Changing the display ratio in an editor’s advanced options for a specific video is often how you rotate a video. By doing so, you can modify the video to make it look as you like. If you want to combine two movies on the screen or simply let your individual film be seen from a different angle, the video rotation option could be quite useful.

5. Cut the video

The video frequently needs to be cropped to eliminate black bars in the margins or extraneous content. Using the crop feature, you can select any aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9, 1:1, 9:16, etc.) To modify the aspect ratio. It’s a strong feature you should take into account for your needs while cropping videos.

6. Mirror 

You may easily add a humorous effect to a video thanks to the mirror effect, which is available in practically all popular video editing programs. However, the video’s potential for success on social media depends on how carefully the material is chosen to which the mirror effect is applied.

An image or object in a film can appear more lively, interesting, or exciting by using the mirror effect. However, remember that recordings with lots of information will benefit the most from this effect.

7. Add Sound

Audio stirs up feelings! Nothing is more important for establishing the tone for your audience than your soundtrack or sound effects. In addition to evoking emotions, music can also help the video set the atmosphere. In addition to the visual component, audio can provide the viewer with additional context for the video.

8. Modify speed

Managing your time gives you an advantage in every situation because it is a valuable resource. It would be wonderful if there were a way to slow down time for some aspects of life so that we could cherish each moment and make each second last forever.

One method for doing this is video speed control. Because of this, speed management has been scientifically shown to improve student performance and satisfaction.

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9. Change in volume

To create a well-balanced soundtrack for your projects, you should adjust the volume of each audio file you intend to use because audio clips typically come in various volume levels. Filmora provides various options for fast and easy changing the volume of audio files.

For various factors, you must have total control over the packaging of all the audio files you utilize in your projects.

10. Include text that can help your videos stand out, which is a helpful tip we want to offer you. Using this tactic, even well-known youtube channels are seeing increased interest in their video.

Do you know Mr. Jorge in your area who plays tennis every morning? Is a question you’ll feel more comfortable answering than “Do you know Mr. Jorge?” In cognitive research, this is known as the connectionism theory, which contends that providing more clues increases a person’s ability to remember details about an object.

Similarly, the text displayed in the videos gives the consumer another hint that helps them remember and comprehend the content in a video.

Part 3: In part three, how to use capcut like a pro.

Capcut is free for download on ios and Android; however, there isn’t a PC version. To use the app, you don’t need a tiktok account (or any other kind of account). You can use capcut immediately soon after launching it. This is due to capcut being a wholly dedicated video editing app, unlike tiktok. The app doesn’t have a social media feature or a video stream.

First, the home screen will display a few necessary icons. Select New Project to begin editing with all available tools, or select a shortcut to create a video quickly using a more streamlined process. Under those icons are your current projects, which you may tap to rename or continue editing. Additionally, you can go here for reusable video templates.

Finally, you may access a list of the many capcut functions by clicking on a small button in the top right corner of the screen.

So let’s start learning how to use capcut’s fantastic editing capabilities.

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Step 1: Green Screen 

Although using green screen video in your edits requires some planning, capcut’s Chroma function makes adding green screen overlays a breeze. So let’s look at the procedures.

Get a green screen video as the first step.

A green screen video must be purchased and ready in your camera roll.

On youtube, you can look for these videos. Additionally, there are many Instagram accounts dedicated to posting green-screen videos.

Make sure to give the editors and creators of any green screen videos you include in your edits due credit when you publish the finished product.

Step 2: Set up your green-screen recording

Even if you’ve already finished a video edit someplace without a green screen, consider applying the effect to a clip or film that hasn’t been seen before.

You must export the video to the camera roll in either scenario. It’s even simpler if you’ve done all of your video editing in capcut because it’s already been imported.

How to build a project and import a video into capcut have already been covered.

Step 3: Get the green screen ready

The overlay must now be imported and aligned. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Scroll past the videos you’ve previously selected. Select overlay> Add overlay from the bottom menu as you scroll down.
  1. Locate the green screen overlay in your camera roll, pick it, and choose Add; the main editing panel will import it as a separate clip.
  2. Choose the overlayed clip. Now drag it to the desired location within the playback frame. To resize it, pinch it between your two fingers.
  1. Locate the clip’s trim tools at the start and finish of the clip (shown by white bars) and shorten the playing duration if necessary while the overlay is still chosen.

Step 4: Eliminate the backdrop

You can now see the green screen overlay covering a portion or the entire video you initially imported. Using capcut’s Chroma feature, you may isolate the subject and remove the green portion.

To get rid of the green screen, follow these instructions:

  1. Decide which clip to overlay. Once you’ve located the Chroma Key in the bottom menu, click it.
  1. Select a color selector. In the playback panel, a colored circle may be seen. The circle will change to the color of your choice when you drag it until the midway passes over the color you want to remove.
  1. Then, in the Chroma key settings, choose the intensity. You can adjust the slider’s position here until the entire colored screen disappears. Don’t let it drag to the point where the subject begins to fade away as well.
  1. In the Chroma settings, select the shadow option and set the slider to 0.

You’re now ready to go! You should move the overlying theme once more now that the backdrop has been removed. Drag the selected overlay clip with your finger over the playback frame.

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2. Sluggish motion

A video editing method called slow motion lengthens a video by slowing down the action and speed of the footage.

Slow-motion effects can highlight a specific scene or object in a video for a longer length of time. For instance, the first seconds after an accident, a burglar was seen on a security camera, paranormal occurrences, etc.

Since the tiktok platform’s inception, the use of slow-motion effects has also expanded in variety. Even a video filmed carelessly might become an artistic piece with song accompaniment and transition effects.

Almost all Android video editing programs may be used to make slow-motion videos, particularly the capcut app, which offers 100% of its functions for free.

Below, we walk you through creating slow motion with a capcut so you can practice.

Here is only the fundamental tutorial. Make your slow-motion videos as entertaining as you can for the rest.

  1. On the capcut application’s home screen, create a new project.
  1. Locate and include the slow-motion video you wish to create.
  1. Select the mute clip audio button to turn off the video.
  1. Use the split button to remove the portion of the video that you want to be in slow motion.
  1. To finish the slow-motion effect, remove one final segment from the video.
  1. Tap the video clip’s cut portion to access the speed menu.
  1. In capcut, there are two ways to slow down: curve and normal. Normal is the better option because it’s easier.
  1. To slow the video’s movement, slide the speed point to the left. For illustration, we chose a 0.3-times slower speed.
  1. Tap the checkmark to activate the slow-motion feature.
  1. To make your slow-motion film more captivating, start creating it now. In capcut, you may add text, make transition effects, and more.
  1. As a last step, save the capcut film to the gallery so that you can send your friends a link to the slow-motion video via social media.

3. Keyframes 

Recently introduced in capcut is a new tool called keyframing. You can swiftly animate your clip or image using keyframes. You require this to add keyframes in capcut.

Click the keyframe symbol that appears alongside the undo icon after starting the software and importing the media.

You can change the icon’s size after clicking on it, or you can choose to leave it as is. Then proceed to the following place and click the keyframe symbol once more. Let’s say you wish to make the video bigger.

Now that you’ve used capcut’s keyframe capability, you can construct the zoom-in motion. You would perform the same thing with more keyframes to create a zoom-in and zoom-out effect, for instance.


A complete video editor that makes video editing simple for everyone is called capcut. We hope you’ve already mastered capcut editing. But if you want to attempt something different to make video content, the aforementioned capcut alternatives, particularly Wondershare Filmora, will be helpful. Therefore, it’s time to advance your video editing skills.

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