Kick The Buddy Remastered MOD (Unlimited Money/All Unlocked) 

Requires5.0 and up
Size112 MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Gold
Updated2 days ago

Kick the Buddy remastered mod apk: Second Kick The Buddy: Second Kick was edited and created as ModMod. 

The following is how the MOD, Unlimited Money version differs from the original version: With HappyMod, you may download the most recent ModMod or the original version of Kick the Buddy remastered mod apk: Second Kick 1.14.11. 

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1. Mod Info

  • Modifications to Kick The Buddy 
  • Unlimited Money

2. This elixir frees individuals from ongoing tension and irritation by banishing fear

You may harm the doll by being angry while playing Kick The Buddy Remastered. 

Using your free will, you may convey your unpleasant feelings against the inanimate item. 

Then you are free to use the toy as you like. It is a psychological treatment that promotes a positive attitude that is always content and pleased.

3. It has a ton of news to report because of the several news applications it includes.

Customized attire and hair are included in Kick The Buddy Remastered. Additionally, it is completely equipped with daily basics like clothing and hair products. 

Anyone who sees this doll will be amazed by how vivid and eye-catching it is. You get access to more attractive weaponry as you go in this app. 

The weaponry becomes gaudier and more destructive as you level up. 

The player receives bonuses and boosts for using the appropriate weapon at every level. 

The Buddy continually moves and never stands still, making it more difficult to defeat. This is because harder problems need more concentration.


4. Fulfill all goals without deviating from them.

You may ruin any item in the area, such as wall art, by demolishing toys and in Kick The Buddy Remastered. 

This quickly relieves someone’s built-up tension and allows them to make some money to restore the space. 

The room must be fixed and returned to its previous condition after that.

5. A detailed statement

Kick The Buddy Remastered is a little violent amusement title that doesn’t call for complex gameplay. 

Since no complicated processes are involved in this simple game, you shouldn’t worry. 

You get to familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics and gather weaponry throughout the program’s first stage. Download Tinder Mod APK 14.0.1 (Gold Unlocked).

This option is suggested for those with a lot of emotional stress since the difficulty increases gradually. The programme launches the game as soon as you check in using Facebook.

6. This design is covered with a profusion of flower motifs

This programme is jam-packed with gorgeous visuals and innovative new concepts. A highly creative mind created it, and how creativity has been crystallized causes people to appreciate its many weapons. 

The bundled graphics shop has over 100 weapons you may enjoy repeatedly seeing in action. 


This aid maintains player interest because of its attention-getting attributes. This graphically beautiful game is accessible to everyone.

7. Read a full description of Kick The Buddy Remastered in the entry that corresponds to it.

You must succeed in your endeavour to let your rage out!

8. An effective method of reducing stress

a no-repercussions video game where players may express their tension and rage via gameplay. You have full control over your Buddy as a cute cloth dummy owner. 

Anything you do to him will help reduce some of your tension. Your Buddy’s pain will also lessen some of your tension.

9. The gameplay 

The gameplay in Buddy is simple. Players may choose their strategy from various fighting techniques, including lasers, pumpkin flinging, sawblades, and Halloween bullets. 

It’s almost hard to strike Buddy while it’s motionless; instead, it sprints and bounces throughout the area. Buddy moves quickly, making precision while aiming at its body difficult.

10. There are many options

The game’s primary menu, Buddy’s Notepad, resembles the locations of Stuff, Profile, Decor, and Extra in-game. 

Buddy’s Notepad has a lot of unusual things. Animals, sports, horror, the power of gods, broomsticks, necromancy, trick-or-treating, explosions, and many more weapons are included in this website area. 

The Thompson, M16, AK47, Musket, Coonan, and Uzi firearms are on the list for Explosion. 

You may give this Buddy doll certain attire, body type, and face attributes to make it resemble a person. 

You may also choose the scenery in the area. Depending on how you wish to torment Buddy, choosing weaponry expands your possibilities. A certain level must be reached to access certain things. 


By doing this, you may be sure you’ll have access to most of the goodies offered in each round. 

With the weapons on the following list, consider what you would do to Buddy. 

You may utilize heavy things like Halloween pumpkins as cover, shoot guns or a mace, launch grenades to blow up his cardboard box, or even freeze him. 

You could even conjure up gods to look over Buddy if you wanted to.

11. A practical and healthy approach to stress management

Think of Buddy as the target when you’re furious and annoyed. To alleviate tension, choose a weapon using the idea of Buddy and launch many assaults against him. 

In contrast to not playing the game, doing so makes the experience more enjoyable and less irritating. 

There’s no need to rush to the gym to utilize a punching bag made of weights. Keep all of the dishes and technology from home. 

People don’t need to find a secret place to wail like lunatics; they may shout hysterically. 

Concentrating on someone who stirs the pot is more productive than aiming your rage at someone who causes conflict. Playing this game is a pointless exercise in futility; it achieves nothing. 

A waste of time, money, and effort is another factor. Additionally, there are bad effects and permanent harm from this game. 

One cannot, for instance, have anything mended if they damage it while playing Kick The Buddy remastered mod apk

Additionally, one’s mood won’t improve after playing this game if the day is rainy. Insane things no more. Kick The Buddy is to be noticed if you like this game.You can also download it from Google Play.

12. Unlimited Money Features

  • The game that helps in managing your days’ worth of accumulated rage.
  • It’s a novel method for using mobile gaming for good!
  • Choose from a broad range of weapons as a player to engage in some action-packed stress alleviation!
  • Get an AK-47, grenades, swords, or even divine abilities, and unleash them in virtual form on the dummy!
  • Are you being called a loser? Make the Rocket your Buddy by taking it!
  • Enough rage to defeat the boss? Use the trusted friend punch instead!
  • Are you stress-free? Simple gameplay and Buddy’s comedy will make you frown for sure!
  • While funny games are nice, will they enable you to unwind amid the daily grind?
  • Undoubtedly, Kick the Buddy Remastered will! For a good reason, it is the finest dummy game!
  • There are already millions of gamers from across the globe. Who will follow them, you?

This potion frees individuals from ongoing tension and irritation by reducing fear.

It has various news applications and plenty of news to report.

Complete all tasks without violating any goals.

  • An exact phrase: There is a detailed instruction manual in the game.
  • This design is covered with a multitude of flower motifs.
  • Get more information about Kick the Buddy remastered mod apk. Written form remastered via the appropriate entry.
  • A successful method of reducing stress.
  • There are many options available.
  • A sensible approach to stress management that is both healthy and effective.

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