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Forager mods  – I wish I had known a lot of stuff before playing forager. Because of this, after finishing my first run in about 15 hours, I immediately started a second. 

I can now advance through the game much more quickly and unlock all those essential items thanks to what I discovered the first time.

With that said, I wanted to share some advice I’ve picked up. Also included is some guidance that should help you avoid some of the errors I made.

You can read some game tips that are important to include in the section below. You can browse our dedicated area here if you’d want to look at some additional Forager mods guides.

Do not forgo accessories

Please refrain from doing this. Most of my accessories were made when I was almost at the game’s finish. I just wanted to get the feat unlocked, that’s all. I had the impression that gloves and boots served only as protection. Instead, they also grant boosts. The functions of each attachment are listed below:

  • Twenty additional places are available with backpacks at the highest level.
  • Wallets: the overall value of coins is up to 150% higher.
  • Gloves: up to 70% faster attacks, thanks to them.
  • Boots provide a 25% chance to dodge and a movement speed increase of up to 70%.
  • Gain up to 125% more resources using amulets (very significant!).
  • Books: experience increases by up to 75% (also important).
  • You can see that some of these gadgets offer some amazing benefits. Building them all at once is something I’d advise, and you can always upgrade them later on in the game.

Improving your tools

Your sword, pickaxe, bow, and shovel will be tools you frequently use in forager. Upgrade these as soon as you have the necessary materials; it will be really helpful.

Forager shakemods 01

When your sword, for instance, reaches a particular level, it becomes far more advantageous to use than your pickaxe because you can gather resources with it in a greater area and take many resources at once. While improving, the shovel makes gathering gems and archaeological objects easier by expanding the dig radius from a 1-block square to roughly a 20-block square.

Be aware of the skills to unlock

In Forager mods, there are 64 skills in total, and you have yet to decide which ones are the best or which tree you should choose. Instead of finishing one tree at a time, I advise you to go through them all at once. Choosing the magic tree early on might not be a good idea, but you can acquire the “brilliance” skill as your second skill, which gives you a 20% experience boost.

I compiled a list of all the skills available in Forager mods and included some of the best ones to unlock. If you like, you can read that skills manual.Download Cookie Clickers MOD APK 1.56.1 (Unlimited Lottery & Bingo).

Create many markets

You are free to lay down as many markets as you choose. The economy tree allows you to access markets, which offer a place to buy and sell goods with stock updates every ten minutes. You can unlock the supply tree to increase market sales from three to six.

Building more markets will enable you to purchase as many resources as you require at any time (as long as you have the coin). Around ten marketplaces exist in the game I play, and I frequently check them to see if spirit orbs, which allow you to level up immediately, are being sold there.

Avoid maximizing the museum

Only at the very end of the game is it worthwhile to invest materials and resources in the museum. You only receive a big chest for completing each bundle and a seal for completing all of them, so the benefits are small.

Forager shakemods 04

Instead, keep your materials close because you could need them to advance through the game more quickly. Instead, it would help if you sold any archaeological artefacts you uncovered because they can bring in substantial sums of wealth. Put anything you find in the museum unless it’s a rare item, like the golden egg, because you might not find it again for some time.

Learn automation

Forager is made considerably simpler by automation. You can work toward the automation talent under the industry tree, which will enable mining rods and cause constructed objects to gather on their own. Mining rods are buildings that will collect all the materials in the surrounding region. Therefore this is a fantastic skill to unlock. Additionally, it prevents your land from getting overgrown.

One can be placed on each land to collect your materials. You’ll continuously receive items that can be sold, such as jewels and experience. Droids can also autonomously gather things, gather animal drops, and clear fishing traps.

Renovate lands

I discovered that you could truly rebuild the lands at the end of the game, which is another issue. You can create a landfill, which blocks things, with a flower press. These can be placed on any water tile to transform it into land.

It allows you to have more building space on your site and looks far nicer than bridges. You may also saturate any nearby puddles.

Collect as many coins as possible

In Forager mods, coins are very significant. Not just for purchasing land but also for making use of every market you have, one would hope, developed. You can finish the game faster if you unlock all the territories as quickly as you can.

The greatest ways to get huge sums of coins to include:

  • Using banks to produce them.
  • Offering gems and other valuable objects for sale.
  • Producing them in a forge in return for gold bars.

Be careful to build the wallet and unlock talents that raise coin value.

Put away spirit orbs.

Big chests are typically where you can find spirit orbs. They are consumables; thus, they will vanish from your inventory after you use them. You will be presented with the option to either level up instantaneously or enhance your maximum life, maximum energy, and weapon damage upon interacting with a spirit orb.

I advise using your orbs to buy an instant level-up when the game becomes sluggish and levelling up becomes time-consuming. You don’t have to worry about using them all up because there isn’t a limit in the game. They frequently appear in markets at a reasonable price, allowing you to purchase more to maximize your health and vitality afterwards.

Take note of other mechanics

Remember everything in Forager mods; everything is there for a reason. In particular, scrolls and potions. Your experience per scroll can be significantly increased by using the sage scroll, which can be created in the inscription table. 

While liquid luck and other similar potions will improve the discovery of uncommon goods.

All of these things will make the game much simpler and speed up your progress. I didn’t even use scrolls in my first play-through, and I regret it now. Download original file from Google Play.

You can modify how you look

Yes, forager allows you to completely personalize your character. You can add cosmetic items to the wardrobe by completing feats to unlock them. Enter the druids’ tree house in the grass biome to locate the wardrobe.

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