Download Instasize MOD APK 4.2.2 (Premium Unlocked)

Instasize MOD APK lets you post pictures and videos because it’s one of the most widely used social media platforms. Images continue to be content that Instagram users post the most, claims a recent poll. 

The days when social media users could only share photographs as squares that had been cropped are long gone. You can now share square photos and full-length portrait or landscape images. This tutorial will teach you how to trim, and distortion-free resize a photo for Instagram.

Part 1: What is the ideal photo size for Instasize MOD APK?

Instagram users could only upload images with a 1:1 aspect ratio when it initially launched in 2012. Square photographs, portraits, and horizontal images can all now be posted.

For Instagram, the following image instasize work best:

As you can see, when you upload photographs to Instagram, they are compressed. When uploading, Instagram will apply a black border to images, not the recommended size.

Instasize shakemods (1)

Part 2: iphone/Android photo resizing instructions for Instagram

As you can see, Instagram does not allow posting images of any size. It would be best if you resized it according to the guidelines to prevent social networks from altering your photographs. The good news is that by following the steps below, you can acquire the ideal photo instasize for Instagram.

How to crop a photo on an iphone for Instagram

An image can be instantly resized for Instagram for ios users using the built-in photo editor in the Photos app. It implies that you don’t require any extra software or hardware. Aspect ratio settings also assist you in streamlining your work process.

Step 1. Take an Instagram image using the built-in Camera app or a different camera. After that, open the Photos app and look for the picture in your album.

Step 2. Tap the image and select the Edit option. The interface for the photo editor will then appear.

Step 3. Select the Snipping Tool and then hit the Rectangle icon at the bottom. Instagram will prompt you to select an aspect ratio, such as 4:3, Square, and more.

Step 4. Tap the Done button at the bottom after resizing photographs for Instagram. Your Photos app will store the resized image. Then you can upload it unedited to Instagram.

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How to change an image’s size on Android for Instagram

Resizing a photograph for Instagram on Android might be challenging. First, there is no ability to crop an image on the social network program. 

Although most Android phones offer photo galleries, the apps on different manufacturers’ phones might vary greatly. Therefore, using a good photo resizer tool to achieve the proper photo instasize can be a good idea. We’ll use Photoshop Express as an example to demonstrate how it operates.

Step 1: Start your smartphone’s photo editing app. It is free to download from the Play Store, but some features call for a subscription.

Step 2: On the first screen, which displays all of the photographs in your memory, choose the image you want to publish to Instagram.

Step 3: Select the Crop symbol at the bottom of the screen by tapping Edit on the home screen. When you select the Aspect Ratio option, settings for Instagram, Instagram Stories, and other services are available.

Step 4: Using the crop box, you can manually resize the image for Instagram or choose an appropriate preset. To share the picture on Instagram, tap Share after that and save a copy.

Instasize shakemods (03)

Part 3: Online photo resizing for Instagram

Apeaksoft Free Image Upscaler makes image resizing for Instagram simple, including scaling and zooming. Despite operating in your browser, it uses AI technology. In other words, you don’t need to put any software on your hard disk to get the greatest photo quality. 

It is even more crucial because it is free and won’t charge you to remove the watermark. Of course, there are no other restrictions on it either.

Step 1: Open a browser. Most online browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and others, are compatible with it.

Step 2: Select the image you wish to share on Instagram and click the Upload Photo button. The presets are shown at the top of the editor page as long as the photo is submitted.

Step 3: To save the resized image for Instagram, choose the appropriate one and press the Save button. Then you may instantly share it on your computer or smartphone.

Note: You can view the outcome in real-time during the process in the Output panel on the right side.Download Root Checker Pro 1.6.3 (Patched).

Bonus Advice: Posting a Full-Size Image to Instagram

You might have noticed that Instagram automatically crops images when you publish them on social media. 

This is because Instagram supports 1:1, whereas your phone’s camera typically captures images in a 3:4 aspect ratio. 

Can a photo be uploaded to Instagram without being resized? You can do so by following the instructions to publish a full-size image.

Instasize shakemods (02)

Step 1: Launch the instasize application, then tap the Add icon at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Next, pick the desired image from your memory. The white borders around the image will then be visible, which is required to upload a full-size photo to Instagram without scaling. The border’s colour is another thing you can modify.

Step 3: Select Instagram and the Feed option by tapping the Share symbol. Upload the post as usual at this point.

Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions regarding Instagram photo resizing

Why do my photographs on Instagram become cropped?

Instagram only currently supports four aspect ratios. Instagram will crop a photo you upload if the aspect ratio is off. To prevent this, you can alter your photo before publishing it on the social network program.

Do my images on Instagram become compressed?

Bulk compression algorithms are used on every photo published on Instagram. This reduces the instasize and quality of your photographs while saving up a lot of server storage space. You can shrink the file size before sharing if you want to avoid getting photographs of low quality.

Part 3: Can I upload an entire image to Instagram without borders?

On Instagram, a full image without boundaries can be posted. Before uploading, all you need to do is resize your photographs using the correct aspect ratio and photo instasize


You should now know the best ways to resize a photo for Instagram on an iphone or Android phone without sacrificing quality. Users of iPhone and Android devices can achieve the correct photo instasize by Instagram guidelines by using the built-in photo editor. 

Of course, there’s also the choice of using outside photo editing software. Apeaksoft Free Image Upscaler is a wonderful option for those who want to avoid installing additional apps and want to create high-quality images for social networking. You can also download it from Google Play.

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