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At its most basic level, Brainly is a peer-to-peer network of queries and responses. The purpose is to assist students with their assignments by leveraging people who may have already provided an answer.

To be clear, this isn’t a list of solutions or advice from a panel of experts. Instead, this is a public forum where students can ask questions to receive a response from the larger education community.

The platform is free to use, in contrast to some of its rivals like Chegg and Preply; however, there is a subscription-based ad-free version; more on that below.


With everything that happened in 2022, brain, which has been around since 2009, experienced a dramatic 75% growth spike, received more than $80 million in funding, and today has more than 250 million users.

The point is that it is now more helpful than ever because there are more users to answer queries and more previously written answers.

Since everything is anonymous, users can ask and receive answers in safe and private exchanges. This is intended for a broad age range, including middle school through college students.

Traditional subjects like math, physics, and languages are included in the topics studied, along with topics like law, medicine, and advanced placement courses.

Importantly, a group of volunteers that comprises teachers and other users moderates everything.

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The entire system is based on the honour code, which states that you may only publish answers without permission from the textbooks or course materials.

How is Brainly put to use?

Anyone can sign up for brain (opens in a new tab) and start using it immediately; however, you are not required to do so. If there are no answers, you can post a query immediately to check if there are any.

After a response has been given, a star rating can be given depending on how well it addressed the question. It may be simple to quickly identify the best response in a group.

Additionally, this enables students to develop their profile ratings to recognize when an answer is provided by someone known for providing insightful comments.

According to some of the answers you may obtain on the site, this advice is only sometimes followed, despite the site’s offer of aid to those answering inquiries.

Students are encouraged to post answers because they can earn points for being helpful and receive stars for superior responses on a scoreboard.

This all contributes to keeping the website current and the material important.

What are the highlights of Brainly?

You may trust that answers on the brain that have a green check mark next to them have been validated by the site’s subject matter experts and are, therefore, more accurate than some others may be.

The honour code rigorously forbids plagiarism and cheating to prevent students from, for instance, getting straight solutions to exam questions.

The filters here only sometimes catch everything, at least not soon away, even though they do in reality.

The private chat tool can help you learn more about a user’s response. It’s helpful to choose to go a little farther because many answers are top-line and merely expedites the homework process.

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Parent and teacher accounts can be helpful because they provide a clear picture of pupils’ development and make it easy to see many areas in which they struggle.

The less accurate replies are the only real problem. However, this does aid in separating the good answers from the rest because of the option to upvote responses.

Pupils should be made aware that this should be treated much like Wikipedia and with a grain of salt before accessing the website.

What is the price of Brainly?

Although the brain is free, a paid version also removes the adverts.

All questions and answers are accessible with the Free account, and parents and teachers may couple up their accounts so they can see what their students are searching for.

Ads are removed with the Brainly Plus account, which costs $18 every six months or $24 annually. Additionally, it provides paid access to a Math Live Tutor through Brainly.Download Spotify Premium MOD APK (Unlocked).

The smartest advice and techniques

Impart checks

Help pupils understand how they can and should verify their outside sources, so they aren’t just accepting everything they read at face value.

Exercise in class

Hold a Q&A session during class so that students may observe how answers can vary greatly depending on who is providing them, even for the same subject.

Employ the leaderboard

Create a class leaderboard to motivate students to submit answers and receive feedback on the website, enabling them to gain knowledge as they go.

Educational advantages

After a quick scan, we saw users discussing their dating preferences, requesting to meet new people on Zoom, and sharing coupon codes for sunglasses.

Parents need to be aware that students are using this as a new social networking opportunity, for better or ill.

You might believe your children are using the internet to communicate with strangers when collaborating online to find answers to their French homework.

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We questioned Brainly’s head of communications, Jakub Piwnik, on how the company intends to handle situations like this.

He claims that a diverse collection of brainy volunteers are extremely important to the organization in helping to sift through the material and guaranteeing a secure user environment.

He claims that just a small portion of platform participation is spent on non-educational activities and that most inquiries unrelated to academic pursuits are quickly taken down.

Does it merit it?

C+ for the overall grade. Although it is filling a much-needed void and has the admirable objective of being a useful resource for various learners, we wouldn’t argue that Brainly is yet a hub for intellectualism online.

It’s a helpful tool, and we hope that as it develops, the bugs will be ironed out, but given how it now works, I wouldn’t trust my child to turn to it for reliable information or educational advancement.

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The site’s “honour code,” which forbids plagiarism in posts and with users copying information from the site, makes high school history teacher and Advanced Placement facilitator Annmarie Stackhouse nervous about utilizing it for its intended purpose.

According to her experience as a seasoned teacher, most people who provide answers will copy and paste them. “I might become a teacher solely to check on my kids’ dishonesty.”


On the whole, brainly is fairly simple to use. The sign-up process is quick, and the search option is easy to use and provides immediate satisfaction if you’re looking for specific answers.

Another feature we value is the ability to quickly search for verified answers, which have been examined by brain expert volunteers and found to be true and accurate.

Posting questions on Twitter and Facebook is just as simple, and you can attach files for quick submissions from workbooks.

The quality of the confirmed responses was fairly high, but if your query doesn’t have one, there is a ton of junk to sort through, where the site loses credibility with new users and with all of the testers as a whole.

Initially, using the site had some confusing elements for me as a parent trying to decide if it were a site I’d want my child on.

The website is filled with irrational questions unrelated to learning or education, there are more incorrect than correct answers to sort through, and it might be initially confusing for parents to understand the site’s utility without a clear goal or inquiry in mind.

The website may appear to be a wasteland of random posts if you’re visiting to browse without a purpose in mind.

However, it’s incredibly user-friendly and simple to quickly discover what you need for students who enter with a purpose and a genuine question—you have to apply due diligence and be prepared to assess the accuracy of the answers you get.You can also download it from Google Play.

The fact that this website is a 24-hour informational resource is a huge plus. No need to worry if your child is delayed until the last minute in completing their homework.

There is still homework help available, and they may get a response in as little as a few minutes. Will that response be accurate and devoid of mistakes? That is debatable.

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