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The video game DRAGON BALL LEGENDS features many strong Dragon Ball series characters. Characters from Dragon Ball Z’s follow-up, Dragon Ball Super, appear in the popular anime series’ spin-off. 

Players can easily control their characters with just one hand. Because of this, it is available to a variety of people. Specific changes to the game’s mechanics are present in newer versions. 

When playing PVP mode, players experience changes, including adjustments to the system that awards players. Choosing which characters to include in a party during combat is another option. 

These positions tend to attract people due to their strength and popularity, even though the most popular leaders are typically assigned to them.

Keep your attention on battles of impressive size.

Players can engage in intense combat through fighting games while playing DRAGON BALL LEGENDS. This is because, in battle, players execute attacks by swiping, tapping, and holding. 

Players can also level up through the Art Cards on the right side of the screen. By doing this, the cards unleash the character’s Ki power. 

The ability to create devastating attacks is given to the artist by this card. But doing so has a cost; the artist must periodically refuel to avoid attacks and have allies available to help when needed. 

Seven cards in the game must be located. When a card is used, a dragon ball will appear on the screen’s right side as part of the game’s objectives. When enough energy is accumulated, it is possible to collect all 7 cards in a row by pairing them with other cards. 


Call out for assistance from another character whenever you are being attacked by an enemy and are losing a lot of health. By doing this, you’ll be able to command multiple characters, and the supporting character will engage in combat. 

A character appears to support you by resisting enemy attacks or counterattacks when you grow into their image. 

Once you have gathered 7 balls, your multiplier will boost your attack power and increase your damage. The more cards you choose from the enemy’s selection, the more damage you deal.

Take part in thrilling PVP battles with the help of these cards

Trying to top your previous score? Participate in missions and compete with other players. 

You can enjoy yourself while learning about their best squads. Additionally, because you’re constantly on a mission, your matches might be harder than usual. 

Characters you summon will help your team by appearing in a dramatic scene. Additionally, you can simultaneously strengthen your team.

Smooth and gliding surface, simple manoeuvrability, and minimal dust generation

Dragon Ball fans from all over the world can engage in real-time combat with anyone. 

Build your DB characters by enhancing their stats through training. To move up the leaderboard, keep track of your progress and compete with other players. Popular anime characters include those from the DBZ, DBS, and DBGT series. 

With characters like Cell, Frieza, Krilin, Tien, and Super Saiyan Goku, this anime action RPG summarizes well-known stories from its source material. 

Play as AKIRA TORIYAMA to experience playing a brand-new character! Goku and your favourite characters embark on a new adventure. 


Reimagined in 3D is a classic DB anime action series with high-resolution 3D environments and characters. Thanks to fluid character animations, traditional moves are updated with contemporary interpretations. 

The game also includes additional voice acting. Using your mobile device, keep track of your preferred DRAGON BALL fighters in 3D. Using basic cards in card-based assault gameplay, various combinations can be unleashed. 

Charge the DRAGON BALL slots to activate Rising Rush after the battle. This combines group effort with catastrophic results.Download Virtual Families 3 MOD APK 2.0.50 (Unlimited money)

You must be able to use the game’s interface to play DBXL

Dragon Ball Legends players must comprehend specific in-game tactics. It would help if you first comprehended these suggestions to master this game. 

Level up your characters to increase their strength and collect all the Dragon Balls in the game. 

Understanding the combat system before starting your adventure is crucial because it differs from card-based games like Dragon Ball Legends. The tutorial will teach you the fundamentals, and playing a few practice games will help you understand how to play. 

Additionally, it’s crucial to use the tutorial when playing Dragon Ball Legends because there are a lot of other components of the combat system that could be clearer for beginners to comprehend. 

Advertisement Send some of your team on new adventures while you share your adventure. By frequently doing this, you can reap additional benefits and put your team member to use when they return. 

Sending members of your core team on new adventures should be done with caution; ideally, nobody should go on these new adventures. You can still defend yourself in this manner if necessary. 

A Dragon Ball will appear on some cards during battle. Pick up these cards and use them to defeat your opponent with ease. When you have gathered every card with a Dragon Ball on it, use Rising Rush to quickly and easily defeat your foe. 

This attack deals a ton of damage to your team while instantly eliminating any remaining opponents. Although it is insufficient to win the game, it brings you very close. 

Advertisement As you fight, your energy bar gradually fills up. Tap the button to activate your character’s special ability when your energy bar is full. By launching a potent attack that rapidly drains the enemy’s energy, this skill can quickly change the course of a battle. 

Features of the Dragon Ball Legends mod APK 4.12.0:

Prepare yourself for the brand-new Dragon Ball mobile game that fans worldwide have been anticipating! Fight it out in character-voiced, high-quality 3D arenas! Experience 1 on 1 competition with rival players from around the world!

Card Battles that Incorporate Intuitive Controls

  • Simple control over your preferred DB fighters.
  • With a single tap, unleash ferocious combos and explosive special moves!

Global Versus Battles: Compete in real-time matches with DB fans worldwide. Strengthen your character to dominate the opposition!

Play as the brand-new character created by Akira Toriyama in the original storyline!

  • With Goku and all your favourite characters, embark on a brand-new adventure.

How can I get the Dragon Ball Legends mod?

The “Unknown Sources” option must be enabled.

  1. To download DRAGON BALL LEGENDS APK, click the link above.
  2. Save the file to the Downloads folder on your device.
  3. Select Install, then wait for the installation to complete.
  4. As soon as it is finished, launch the game and begin playing.
  5. Click here to download from google play store.

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