How To Crop In Alight Motion – An Ultimate Guide

Motion graphic artists can find a wealth of information at Alight Motion. You may create unique graphics or make professional adjustments to specific layers inside your animation projects while on the road with this free Android App.

Although the user interface is generally straightforward, it can initially be unclear. However, simple functionality like cropping a movie or changing individual layers is easy once you know where to go in the UI.

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Alight Motion’s picture and video cropping

When editing photographs or videos, you can crop out the extra space if you only want to use a piece of the screen. Click on the “+” button in the lower right corner of the App while Alight has a project open. You can select from a selection of shapes in the menu of newly available options. 

To choose the perimeter for your cropping, tap on any shape. The simplest forms to work with are a square or a rectangle, though you may also make fancy changes with stars or triangles.

Drag a perimeter around the portion of the image or video that you want to keep using your finger after selecting the desired shape. Then, when you press the crop button, everything outside the green form you produced will be hidden. 

Next, choose which layers to apply to the crop after final modifications to the boundaries. On the left side of the app screen is a list of your project layers. 

To include a layer in the crop, tap on each one. Then, click the crop button above the project viewer when everything is ready. Again, only the region you selected when dragging the mouse should be visible.

Doing a project in Alight Motion with several layers

You can quickly create a project with numerous levels if you don’t already have one. First, open Alight Motion and create a new project. By hitting the + button and choosing “create a new project,” you can accomplish this. 

Then, hit the + icon once more to reveal many new possibilities, including various shapes. When you tap a profile, it will be added to your project and given its layer. For the next stage, you need three layers, so make two different shapes.

Removing and adding layers

When animating an image, you may balance out every aspect of the image thanks to the ability to place each layer. Close the + button menu to return to the timeline of your project to move a layer. 

The primary screen, known as the timeline, is where each layer can be seen together with its location in the video clip. Put your finger on the far right of the layer you want to move to select it. A button with three dots will appear when your finger is in the right place. 

Tap and hold that button. To choose each of the layers you want to move, drag your finger across them. Next, drag your finger to pick all three layers using the illustration from the previous step.

Tap on the layer you want to move and drag it up or down until it is in the desired slot, with each layer highlighted in blue. The foreground surface’s top layer will be the first to be seen, and the most profound background element will be in the bottom layer.

Using mobile video editing to create more

Alight Motion is fantastic for graphic designers using detailed animations and brief video clips. Your longer video projects, however, will need to go through the entire editing process. 

Fortunately, there are several efficient video editing apps for Android devices. Video Star is one of the most outstanding mobile programs for enhancing your clips. You may create videos of high quality anywhere in the world by fusing Alight Motion and Video Star.

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The latest Alight Motion Mod APK is free at APK Download Hunt. Alight Creative has made a video editing program called Alight Motion Mod App. These days, video editing is a choice made by many people and is growing in popularity. Users can utilize the program for free and conveniently. I’ll share this App’s most recent update with you.

Alight Motion Mod APK: What is it?

Video editing software is provided for all of your needs. Create expert photos directly on the user’s mobile device. Videos can become more alluring by adding eye-catching effects. Make your video more noticeable. Choose any products you like. Time alignment is another tool you can utilize in the application to use numerous effects. Alight Motion also features color effects, allowing you to customize the colors.

a boy during video editing

The App is the top entertainment-related App available. This program quickly becomes popular after its release because of its well-liked features and enjoyable user interface.

Alight Motion is a complete video editor that will allow you to fully utilize the videos you have saved on your mobile device. This will enable you to do your tasks without the need for a tonne of additional software or extensive experience. In addition, several formats are still available for export, so there shouldn’t be any compatibility problems.

Top Qualities

  • Excellent motion graphics and animations.
  • You can import or download your editing stuff from the library.
  • A variety of stunning video effects.
  • Editing videos with multiple layers.
  • Save your preferred elements quickly.
  • No charge to use.
  • Enjoy our mod APK that is unlocked.
  • Stop working on some tools and crash.

These are a few of the APK’s features.

Installing apps on ios and Android Devices

You will discover how to download and install the APK on any ios or Android device in this section. All devices have some difficulties installing it because it is an unknown file. Ensure that you’ve first permitted it in the device command section.

Verify the unidentified source after taking these actions. Unknown Sources under Settings > Security. Install the Alight Motion Mod APK file from Unknown Sources.

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