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Tinder is an online dating service. You’ve undoubtedly observed pals using the tinder dating app on their smartphones. 

And all that swiping has resulted in the app’s amazing growth over the past several years. 

Some estimates have the number of users using the app to browse local singles and match with some of them at 50 million tablet or smartphone owners. 

This results in an average of 1.5 billion swipes and 21 million matches daily. 

Tinder recently surpassed the 1 billion match milestone. So it goes without saying that Tinder is quite popular now—so popular that you might feel compelled to try it out.

But before you click the “download” button, you must determine whether Tinder is the best online dating service.

Here are 10 key details to consider before downloading Tinder to your phone so you can decide if it’s the best online dating service for you.

1. Tinder is only accessible via a mobile app

Let’s go right to the point: Tinder is not a website, unlike many of the other online dating services we have evaluated on our site. Instead, it is discovered that most smartphones and tablets only utilize it via mobile apps. 

The app’s functionality heavily relies on the touchscreen capabilities of mobile devices, as we’ll cover below. Said using Tinder on a laptop or desktop was impossible.

If you need to become a competent smartphone user, this information alone can make you think twice before using Tinder as your online dating service. 

Read on if you find it impossible to live without your smartphone or tablet.

2. Tinder maintains simplicity

Suppose you’ve attempted to set up a profile on one of the most popular online dating services, such as match or harmony. In that case, you know that it can be time-consuming to upload images and answer protracted questions. 

This is largely attributable to the target market these websites are attempting to reach—individuals who seek to be deeply matched with persons they could spend the rest of their lives with. 

But what if all you want is to meet someone for a little light romance? Tinder is designed to let you quickly look at and match with individuals. 

An individual photo and a 500-character bio are required from users. I’m done now. Then, Tinder gives users a picture and a brief description of someone nearby depending on the GPS location of their mobile device. 

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They swipe to the right if they like what they see. They swipe to the left if they wish to pass. 

They are formally matched by Tinder and can begin sending texts to one another if they swipe right and the other person does the same with their image.

How does this affect you? This implies that Tinder can be the perfect fit for you if you’re not searching for a meaningful relationship that might last a lifetime and are more interested in meeting new people casually. 

You should swipe left on Tinder and try one of the reputable online dating services if you’re over casual relationships and want something more meaningful.

3. Tinder could be interested in quick hookups and be quite shallow

It is impossible to exaggerate this point. Yes, many dating websites appear to struggle to provide their users with as many alternatives as possible while keeping away from creeps and perverts, but Tinder proudly displays its shallowness.

4. Tinder has both free and paid subscription options

Like so many other online dating services, Tinder uses a “freemium” business model, which allows users to access a limited number of functions for free before having to pay to access all of the app’s features. 

As a result, you are free to test out Tinder without spending any money. 

Just be aware that you will only be utilizing some of the software and that it will be made to get you to purchase their premium subscription (a.k.a. Tinder plus).

However, a recent upgrade increased the price of Tinder plus beyond what the majority of their customers were ready to pay. But more on that in a moment.Download Snaptube MOD APK v6.19.1 Premium Unlocked.

5. Auto-renewal is available on Tinder

When a person signs up for tinder plus, their subscription automatically renews, and their account is charged each month, just as with other online dating services.

You may disable the auto-renewal option if you purchase fuel plus, but you must do so before the current membership expires. 

We recommend deleting this function as soon as you decide you no longer wish to use the service.

6. Tinder’s return policy is not quite clear

If you have signed up for an online dating service and would like a refund, you can go directly to the website (depending on which site it is, you might get that refund, and you might not). 

When using Tinder, however, refunds must be requested through your app store because you paid for the software through one such as iTunes, google play, or another app store.

Since Tinder is not on the better business bureau’s list of accredited businesses, we cannot determine how successfully these app shops handle refund claims. 

This doesn’t necessarily imply that their customer service could be better or excellent regarding refund requests. Nothing indicates one way or another, which may be a good thing. As they say, no news is good news.

7. Tinder allows you to report users and blocklist persons you’ve been matched with

Too many dating services allow unwanted people to stalk you online while giving you little control. 

However, Tinder restricts access to you to those with whom you have been matched to keep things simple. 

Then they give you the option to unmatch that individual, removing them from your and their matches and stopping them from messaging you.

Important information: once you unmatch someone, there is no going back. That individual has been expelled from your tinder life for good. Therefore, unmatch with care.

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Additionally, regardless of whether they are one of your matches, you may report any user to Tinder if you believe they are breaking the app’s guidelines.

It’s still being determined whether or not these precautions will truly keep tinder daters’ encounters safe. 

Once more, there are a few issues to pull from. Overall, most periodic evaluations were favorable regarding Tinder’s safety and capacity to let you choose who can and cannot see you.

8. There are too many males on Tinder

Men are pouring down. At least Tinder has it. Men have been drawn to the tinder app because of its basic, uncomplicated, and visually appealing approach, if only so they may gaze at nearby ladies without getting reprimanded. 

Unfortunately, this has made the field extremely competitive for men.

9. Tinder’s most recent upgrade infuriated many users

If Tinder has made a significant error, it is with their most recent upgrade. The number of likes that free users could use each day was restricted following this update. 

These users would need to pay $9.99 per month to regain their previous ability to receive unlimited likes (as they did before the update). 

Another change was made to the algorithm that provides users with dating options. 

Tinder reportedly believed that its users were prepared for such a significant change and predicted that by 2016, their annual sales would skyrocket to $150 million.

They probably weren’t prepared for the ensuing firestorm. In just a few weeks after the update, incensed app users descended upon iTunes to express their displeasure, leaving thousands of one-star ratings and critical reviews.

10. Tinder has the potential to make dating into a game, which is bad

Even if you don’t find that special someone, using Tinder alone has been described as entertaining and even addictive by users. Some people use Tinder to make fun of the pictures on their screens. 

Long-term users also claim that Tinder’s simple method of selecting potential partners has distorted their perceptions of love, relationships, and people.

Which should you use: a right or left swipe?

So, brave online dater, is Tinder something you’ll stick with? There isn’t any denying that Tinder offers a captivating, enjoyable platform for meeting potential partners. 

But all that entertainment also overshadows the more serious but significant task of establishing lifelong relationships. You can also download it from Google Play.

In conclusion, Tinder is ideal if you’re looking for quick hookups and are willing to pay $10 per month. You might be better off on match or harmony if you want a more responsible, rational approach to dating.

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