How To Remove Window Tint – Methods And Tips

Tinted vehicle windows are something magnificent. Besides the fact that they shield you from glare, they additionally give protection and style.

Sadly, the Tint has a long life, and if you don’t have the foggiest idea of how to remove window tint appropriately, you will wind up with a significant, tacky wreck.

There are two fundamental ways of removing Tint:

The intensity and scour. Contingent upon the explanation you choose to stop the tint film from your vehicle windows, the best treatment will be unique. You’ll need to clean the glass a while later, as these strategies don’t generally remove the cement.

Purposes behind removing Tint

There are three fundamental motivations to attempt to remove Tint from your vehicle’s windows, each presenting its own arrangement of difficulties.

Tasteful Reasons

Sometimes you don’t require tinted windows, regardless of whether they are in new condition. It can be incredibly baffling as the glue is nearly at its ideal. Be that as it may, warm techniques function admirably against flawless tint film.

To purchase

The detonating film looks awful as well as it is impossible to fix it. The immediate sense you could have is to strip it off while it’s bubbling. However, this can leave a frightful wreck of paste and tiny pieces.

On the splendid side, bubbles are brought about by an absence of bonds, making them more straightforward to remove.


Over the long run, the window tint will turn a shade of purple, and you will need to think about supplanting it. Since the Tint’s capacity to obstruct UV beams diminishes as it turns out to be more purple, the issue is something other than tasteful.

This variety change is brought about by the breakdown of non-metallic tints and can’t be adjusted. Once more, heat is an effective method for tackling this issue.

The most effective method to Remove Window Tint with Heat (3 Ways)

Heat is an effective method for releasing an intense film, even though it might expect cleaning to remove the movie. As a general rule, you will require less utilization of a scrubber for these techniques.

Five Methods Of Removing Tint From Windows

#1 – Hair or Heat Gun

It is a simple method for removing tint or vehicle decals and works similarly as well as an intensity weapon, even though it tends to be a piece chaotic. It would help if you chose a corner to begin the cycle.

  • Hold the hair dryer around two crawls from the window and run until the paste is sufficiently dissolved to pry off the edge with your finger.
  • Point the dryer, so it hits where the film meets the window, gradually stripping it off as the paste mellow.
  • Utilizing a perfect towel, wipe the cement away, using your hair dryer to a hose on a case-by-case basis.
  • When the paste is removed, wash the vehicle windows cleaner.

#2 – Steam Cleaning

The most effective way to remove window tint is to get a material. Following a few minutes of warming the window, you will liquefy the paste, and the Tint will come right away.

One more incredible thing about this strategy is that it likewise cleans your vehicle’s upholstery. When the Tint is off, you have the paste to rival.

Here is an incredible video on the most proficient method to remove vehicle window tint via air:

#3 – Solar Peel

You can exploit a warm, bright day to make your work simpler. You will require two dark plastic trash containers sliced to the state of your window, a shower jug of sudsy water, a covering, and a splash jug of smelling salts.

  • Splash the window with sudsy water and cover it with one of the sacks, keeping it outside until it’s gone.
  • Cover all inside surfaces with tar to safeguard them.
  • Splash-smelling salts inside the window, making a point to wear a defensive cover to try not to breathe in the exhaust. Cover with a subsequent trash container before the smelling salts dry.

Permit the window to cook in the daylight for around 20 minutes before removing the sacks

Compromise the film and delicately strip the Tint away, dousing it with smelling salts on a case-by-case basis to keep it damp.

Utilize a non-metallic scrubber to remove any excess tint, then, at that point, utilize one of the cleaning strategies beneath to remove the buildup.

Step-by-step instructions to Remove Window Tint (Scraping Method)

These choices include removing vehicle window tints by utilizing exceptionally rough materials. While they all function admirably, you should be mindful not to scratch the glass using any edge. Non-metallic scrubbers work best on plastic windows.

Note on Using Sharp Blades: 

We unequivocally suggest that you use alert while removing the tint film from any window with a metal scrubber.

While utilizing a blade or highly sharp edge might work better compared to a solid plastic edge like an ice scrubber, there is a more severe gamble of harming the glass.

For this situation, you ought to utilize a sharp edge and continuously hold it to a point to avoid harming the glass.

#4 – Papers, Please

Old papers have many purposes, including removing window tint. Thoroughly wet the tint film with hot, sudsy water and enclose it with form. Allow the window to absorb the sun for about 60 minutes, adding more cleanser consistently.

You should now have the option to truly scratch away the Tint using long strokes. If you can’t remove the film effectively, drench it for another half hour.

#5 – Peel’n’Soak

The sluggish strategy is likewise ideal for little spaces or issues with windows. Painstakingly cut the edge utilizing a razor and strip the film away. Try not to stress over harsh edges.

When the film is done, splash the region with sudsy water and remove the paste. Wrap up with a decent round of glass cleaner.

Removing Window Tint Glue

At long last, you want to know how to remove the window tint stick when the actual Tint is no more. It doesn’t necessarily occur as effectively as you could anticipate in all cases. These techniques function admirably to battle any leftover gunk.


One of the least expensive and best solvents, a container of 90% isopropyl liquor can deal with extra paste.

Put an on fabric to remove little messes and a shower jug and cloth for more prominent regions. Make sure to involve this strategy in a very much-ventilated part and abstain from taking in the exhaust while working.

Isopropyl liquor is likewise really great for removing lingering oil from the air.

Go Gone

This famous paste remover works perfectly on tint stick buildup. Note that it won’t help by removing the actual Tint.

Nail Polish Remover

In a shockingly viable arrangement, you can utilize a fingernail to take off the microfiber material and make an effort to remove the paste. While this strategy requires more exertion, the cycle will cover your windows with a beautiful sheen.


On a warm day or in a hot carport, you can utilize hot, sudsy water (we suggest using Dawn) and a vehicle ice scrubber to remove the remainder of the paste. It isn’t just a protected way; it is likewise a valid justification to clean the inside of the vehicle.

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