How to Use the Alight Motion App

How to Use the Alight Motion App

How to use alight Motion? Video editing is the most in-demand and crucial for every business to grow and be maintained in the market, so Alight Motion is a well-known creative and outstanding editing service among other famous video editing software. In addition, however, it offers you to edit photos, images, videos, and pictures in a fantastic way.

In short, the Alight Motion Video and Animation editing app is easy to use and creates stunning videos using your images. The most prominent part of a light Motion is that it is open-source and free to use.

To reduce a lengthy story brief, many people have a commonplace question, “a way to use the alight motion app?” The solution is that the alight motion app is relatively smooth and straightforward to apply.

This tutorial will give you complete information about using Alight Motion. How to create your first project on Alight Motion? How to make and use objects in Alight Motion? And lot Stay with us for all the details about this fantastic app.

How to Use the Alight Motion App

  • Alight Motion app allows you to add, live, edit, and export for your complete video editing (Basic video editing). Here, we are going to describe a unique custom project to edit through Alight Motion. You need to follow the below-mentioned simple steps:
  • To start with, ensure you have installed the alight motion app on your Android phone.
  • Again, import the images (from the camera) into your phone that you want to edit. If the photos are already on the mobile, then there is no need to follow this step.
  • Next, tap to open the Alight Motion app. Click on select files and choose all your favorite photos that you want to edit.
  • After choosing, you have two options. First, you can edit each image as you like, and second, you can apply the editing tool to all photos. So, edit your selected images according to your needs (with the help of any method: multiple or individual editing).
  • Make sure you have done any photo editing like cropping, angle, etc.
  • After that go to the filter library and install the filter that is most interesting to you. Remember that you can apply filters to each photo or all photos at once.
  • Next, paste or write the text you want to overlay on your photos. You can write captions for individual pictures with the help of creating clips or use one caption for all shots.
  • Now, add other things like stickers, emojis, and anything else if you want to add.
  • Review your edited video by playing the video in editing mode or you can also check cells to see things.
  • The next step is to save your editing using objects or you can also export your video in different formats available. We recommend you to specialize in MP4 in HD quality.

What Objects we can use in Alight Motion

“Elements” is an essential word about Alight Motion because they play a significant role in video editing. Basically, elements are objects that can be reused, as a group. Items are kept separate from your regular video editing program. 

You can view your items by navigating the “My Elements Collection” tab. Are you wondering why we are discussing things here? Don’t worry! The answer is simple; you can’t make your videos stunning and eye-catching without using different elements.

 Objects not only help you create a fantastic video but also help you save things (lines, music, stickers, etc.) For future use. It also reduces your effort over time. Also, there is another excellent feature of the Alight Motion app. 

You can send saved content to your friends and family with the help of sharing options available. In the same way, you can change or modify things without changing the original stuff. In short, something that makes your editing faster and more impressive.

More to get with the Alight Motion App.

Alight Motion app is the best alternative to create great videos, even from your Smartphone. It can provide an easy and fast accessible platform to use, add, edit, and adjust different visuals and effects, create videos, animations, transitions, motion graphics, velocity edit, and more.

 If you want to take your video to the next level, it is better to buy the Alight Motion premium subscription (If you have enough budget). Do not hesitate to download this unbeatable app; go with it and enjoy.

What we love in Alight Motion

  • Within the following, we’ve got cited the pinnacle motives for the usage of the alight movement app:
  • It is easy to use and a very user-friendly tool.
  • You can find the fluid animation moves here.
  • You can save your favorite items for further use.
  • Alight Motion has responsive customer support.

What we don’t like in Alight Motion

  • As nothing is perfect in this world, Alight Motion also has some disadvantages as follows:
  • The tile effect creates issues sometimes.
  • The Key 
  • Frame concept confuses new users.
  • Some features are restricted without payment.

The first Pre-movement photos App

Alight movement is among the few pro-motion image apps that bring you great animations and visual effects. In addition, it allows you to tweak multiple layers of snapshots and build your motion pictures true. 

There’s a spread of alternatives, from shade corrections to frame animations and redaction gear that you will use for your films. But before you may be able to savor all of that, you’ll need to keep alight Motion.

Even though there’s no authentic model of alight Motion for computer systems, in case you’ve got a pc or computer pc, you’ll be capable of running the app with the help of an android mortal.

Users will use the available public alternatives in the alight movement at the same time as now not having to pay a penny. However, if you wish to know the superior options and put off any watermarks, you should sign up for an essential man or woman club. A month-to-month subscription charges $five.

What are you able to do with alight motion

alight movement permits users to make new tasks and their paintings. In addition, you’ll be able to augment the new mission with the snapshots and videos accessible on the tool.

Alight Motion allows customers to export movies in several codec’s like classic films, GIF images, picture collections, venture package deals, and PNG pics. Alight Motion additionally gives distortion results (distortion/warp) to make your videos grow numerous and engaging.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to use alight Motion

Is the Alight Motion app suitable for beginners?

Yes, this is a beginner app suitable for both professionals and beginners. So, if you have no experience, you can use it without hesitation.

How do you use the Alight Motion app?

It’s easy to use Alight Motion. Open the app, add images, filters, and text, and send the video in the format you want.

What is the first use of the Alight Motion app?

Alight Motion is a professional motion video editor. You can use it to create videos, video animations, motion graphics, and similar types of video effects.

How do you add media to Alight Motion?

As soon as you open the app, you’ll find the option “upload media.” By using that choice, you can upload your photos to the app for modification.

Final Words

In conclusion, we have shared all the information about “how to use Alight Motion App” on your android phone to edit videos and images. Don’t forget to test things and save them for future use. We assure you that you will get the best video editing experience with this state-of-the-art app. Enjoy Video Editing with Alight Motion!

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