How To Download Alight Motion – Ultimate Guide

Format of the alight motion download

Before providing insight into the app’s functionality, it only makes sense to explain how to download alight motion, which, as you may already be aware, is free but has some restrictions. 

Specifically, the free version of the app does not allow you to use all of the integrated tools and effects; more importantly, your works are watermarked. To overcome these restrictions, you must sign up for a membership starting at 5,49 euros per month or 31,99 euros per year. Clear? Let’s go on to the steps for installing the program, then.

Click here to learn how to remove a watermark from alight motion

Download alight motion from the google play store for Android. Pressing the colorful triangle icon on the home screen or in the drawer (the screen with all of the program icons), selecting campo di Ricerca at the top, entering alight motion in the search box, selecting submit, and then tapping the first result that appears.

Press this link to proceed to the app’s download page if you are reading these words on the device you wish to install it. After that, click install and wait for alight motion’s installation process to be finished. 

Click continue and ignore to proceed without adding a legitimate payment method if you are prompted to do so to complete your account details (the application, as mentioned, can be downloaded and used for free).

You may install the app via different stores by following the directions I’ve provided in this other tutorial if you’re using a device that doesn’t have the google play store (such as a Huawei device with an app gallery).


By clicking the “a” button in the app store, you can get alight motion for the iPhone and iPad. Next, select the tab search (bottom right) from Bianca’s Azzurro backdrop on your device’s home screen, type alight motion into the top search field, and then hit submit.

submit button

Next, hit the top result to proceed to the website, where you may download the app (also reachable via this link if you read the article from the device you intend to install the application).

Next, use your apple id password, touch id, or face id to confirm the installation of alight motion utilizing the premium install.

Where do you use alight motion?

You may now learn how to utilize alight motion after installing the program. So allow me to describe how the software works on Android and ios / iPad os.


After installing and running alight motion, a device was used to wait for the first video optimization process to be finished before pressing the button capacitor positive (+) lead situated in the bottom center of the screen to begin a new project.

Write the name of the next project in the relevant text area of the menu that has just been opened, and pick the format that most interests you (e.g., Pm16:9, pm9:16, pm4:5, pm1:1, etc.). Additionally, it displays resolution, frame rate, and backdrop. Press the create Progetto button to proceed.

As a result, you will find yourself in the alight motion editor, which, as you can see, has a clean, rather simplistic design that makes it relatively easy to use. For instance, all you have to do to add a new element to the project is pushing the button capacitor positive (+) lead in the bottom right corner.

Pressing one of the screen’s tabs in the newly opened menu will allow you to add more components to your project: if you want to input a shape, type shape; add a picture or a video by doing so; to put an audio track in audio; elements, to add more elements, get them from the alight motion website’s collection; drawing by hand, to produce a drawing by hand; text or a vector artwork may be inserted using vector design.

You need to choose it from the menu at the bottom of the screen to import it into the alight motion timeline after selecting the element type to add to the project and tapping on the appropriate tab (such as image and video). 

Before doing this, you must click the allow access option to provide the app access to the multimedia components on your device for photographs, videos, and audio.

If, as is probable, you have chosen to add a picture or video to the app timeline, you may adjust the clip’s length by pressing and holding the button. (>>) and moving it in either direction. Repeat the same procedures to add more fresh photos or videos to the project.

After adding photographs, movies, and other components to your project:

  • Tap on the element you want to focus on in the alight motion timeline.
  • Choose effects from the menu in the bottom right.
  • Click (+). 

Add effect, go through the effects library in the program, and choose the effect you want to use (note that the effects marked with a padlock are included in the subscription version of alight motion only).

Use the buttons and choices accessible on the screen to change how the effect is applied in the displayed box. But if you want to get rid of it, click the trash symbol.

Click play to watch a preview of the finished product of the video you’ve generated; if you’re happy with it and there are no modifications left to be made, click the icon arrow within the square (upper right; if you can’t see it, you must quit the application editor by clicking anywhere on the screen).

Therefore, choose the project’s output format (such as video, gif, etc.), click the export button, and, if you do not want to subscribe, tick the appropriate box. I prefer the watermark, so no thanks. High-end pulsating continue.

Finally, click the store or share buttons to save the file locally or share it with others through other platforms.


Regarding ios and pads, be aware that alight motion’s functionality is almost comparable to that of the Android version, which I previously discussed.

Once the software has been installed and launched, click the capacitor positive (+) lead button at the bottom, enter the name of the new project you want to work on, and then choose the format, resolution, frame rate, and backdrop options before tapping the create Progetto button to continue.

How To Download Alight Motion for ipads

The app editor will soon appear in front of you. First, press the button capacitor positive (+) lead (bottom right) to add a new element to the project. Next, choose an option from the list of tabs on the screen, such as shape, image, video, audio, elements, freehand drawing, vector design, or text, depending on what you want to add.

Please choose an item from the menu that appears after making this decision so that it may be loaded into the program timeline immediately. You must touch the button before selecting ok to provide alight motion access to the multimedia contents of your device for items like pictures, videos, and music.

After adding a photo or video to the app’s timeline, you may change the length of the clip by giving the timeline’s button (>) a long press and moving it to the left or right. Then, repeat each process I’ve just described to add multimedia components to your project.

Instead, touch the element of interest in the alight motion timeline, choose effects from the menu that appears at the bottom correctly, then select the desired element of interest by pressing the (+) add effect button. Please be aware that specific effects are paid for exclusively (they are those marked with the symbol of the padlock).

Use the buttons and options on the screen to change the effect’s level of intensity in the menu that appears after selecting it. If you change your mind, you can also undo the impact from the screen in question. Finally, click the symbol for a trash can to end the game.

Press the play button to see the project’s preview. Then, if you like it and are satisfied with the outcome, click the arrow inside the square icon in the top right corner of the screen (if you can’t see it, touch an empty area of the screen to exit the app editor), and then press the export button after selecting the project’s output format (such as video, gif, etc.).

Put a checkmark next to the choice if you don’t want to pay for the service to get rid of the watermark and unlock all of the effects. I prefer the watermark, so no thanks. Finally, choose share if you want to share the output file with others through a compatible platform or store if you want to save it on the device.

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