How to Delete a VSCO Account Guide

About VSCO

VSCO, also known as the visual company, is a photo-sharing app popular with high school students. Like the social platform, the app allows users to edit and add photo filters before sharing. Users can also apply filters and save photos without sharing them on the network. They are only allowed for user who is 13 years old. Users must provide at least a username and email address.

Also, the username does not have to be the user’s name, so users can choose to remain anonymous. You must also enter your first and last name and a short biography. VSCO does not like or comment, unlike other social media platforms.

However, many praised the app for breaking out of the social media tradition of counting likes and followers, thinking it takes some of the stress out of posting. The VSCO app is also more responsive than Instagram or other photo-sharing apps.

It describes itself as an art and technology company with some “serious” editing features on Instagram. For this reason, many users use the VSCO app to share some professional photos and show off their photography skills. Unfortunately, the privacy settings provided by the app are small. Users have no option to set their accounts to private, so anyone can see the photos they share.

The VSCO app has a unique setting that shares when a photo is taken. Unless users disable this feature, anyone can view these sites. What is even more troubling about VSCO are the types of images that most teenagers share.

Since few parents know about VSCO, teenagers often use it to share their harmless photos. It can range from pictures of beer bottles and vale pens to inappropriately dressing selfishly. Unfortunately, digital footprints last forever, and the images teens think appropriate to post now can reflect poorly when applying to schools and looking for jobs.

The VSCO app can also be an excellent opportunity for parents to talk to their kids about what should and shouldn’t be shared online. This discussion makes it easier for young people to speak to their parents about online problems and shows them that their parents can help if they need help.

This article provides a complete guide on how to delete a VSCO account. Users can edit photos and add unique and exciting filters before sharing them. Unfortunately, you need to create an account to use this app because you can’t edit videos unless you subscribe and subscribe to a premium plan. However, you can get a free trial. The biggest problem with this app is that you can’t quickly delete your VSCO account from the app.

How to Delete VSCO Account

There are many problems with this tool. First, you don’t have any editing tools or advanced features to edit your video, which is why many people want to disable it.

Follow the steps mentioned below on How to delete the VSCO account;

  • Visit the page using Chrome or Safari or another web browser.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Scroll down and click Delete Account.
  • Enter your password and choose a reason.
  • Your account will be permanently deleted within hours.

It is the fastest and best way to delete your VSCO account. Unfortunately, deleting your account means deleting your images, and this behavior cannot be undone. You can also delete your VSCO account by sending an email asking them to delete your account.

 Follow these steps

  • First, get access to your email account and write a new email to [email protected].
  • Type, request to delete my VSCO account in the subject field.
  • Now start writing the letter and click send after writing the letter.

How do I permanently delete my VSCO account?

Visit > login > settings > delete my account > confirm. It is the fastest and best way to delete your VSCO account yourself.

What happens if I delete VSCO?

Once you delete the VSCO app, you will lose all your photos, and this process cannot be undone; therefore, it is recommended that you save them to your camera roll or gallery before deleting them.

How can I delete my VSCO account?

Sign in to VSCO > Deactivate page > Deactivate VSCO account and profile > Verify. You can reset your account by logging in again using the same credentials.


It is important to note that deleting an account does not delete an account. You will no longer have access to your resources or what you have purchased. Your account can be activated by simply logging in again. It means deleting your account. What you do is prevent yourself from using it. 

However, if you can reset the account, it should still be available for reactivation. Nevertheless, it is not good from a privacy point of view, so if you want to delete your account, you should delete all your photos first.

How do you delete VSCO images?

Click on delete to delete your picture or pictures. This deletion method includes any images you’ve taken with the VSCO camera or imported to VSCO from your camera roll.

Can I make my VSCO account private?

Do not. Unlike most social media platforms, VSCO users do not have the option to make their accounts private so that anyone can see the photos they share.

Problems You Face When Trying to Delete a VSCO Account

The most significant issue people have when deleting their account is remembering the email address they used to sign in or their password. Without this, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to delete your VSCO account. Another problem is time. The account deletion request can take a lot of time, and it isn’t apparent if the account isn’t deleted quickly, even after following the steps above.

How to delete your VSCO account without a password

Unfortunately, you will need a password to delete your account. If you have lost your password, you can click on reset password on the app or website to reset your password. You must find the email address or phone number used when signing up.

How to Delete Your VSCO account without Email

If you have your account password and know how to log in, you do not need to access your email address to delete the account. Otherwise, you can try contacting the VSCO support team to delete your account if you don’t have your email address or the username you signed in with;

Following Steps to Delete VSCO Account If You Can’t Do It Yourself

If you can’t delete your account yourself, take a breath and know that there is help beyond the DIY method described above. Support may solve the problems you are experiencing, but there is no guarantee that it will be done quickly. Alternatively, you can use do not pay.

Forget about learning how to delete a VSCO account – use does not pay

Do not pay takes the hard work of account cancellation off your hands. Instead of trying to handle things yourself or wasting time waiting for your account to be deleted, you can let do not pay proven system to delete your account in seconds.

Do not pay works on All Platforms.

Do not pay takes the responsibility of deleting your VSCO off your hands forever. It takes a few steps for the platform to delete your account for you. Do not pay may also delete these accounts for you.

  • Face book
  • Instagram
  • PayPal
  • Gmail
  • Amazon
  • Uber
  • Venom
  • Of Harmony
  • ALL
  • Yahoo

Do not pay can also help you upload banned accounts and manage subscriptions on these platforms.

What Else Can Do not pays to Do?

Do not pay doesn’t just help you delete a VSCO account. Do not pay can also help you:

  • Fight email spam
  • Get free trials
  • Submit a product return request
  • Eliminate email spam
  • File a formal complaint with any company

To delete your VSCO profile

  • Log in to your VSCO account and go to the delete button.
  • Click the Delete VSCO Profile button and follow the wizard.
  • Confirm VSCO profile deletion.
  • If you delete your VSCO profile, your grid, collection, and journal will be made public, but your account will remain.


There you have it, easy steps to delete your VSCO account. We hope this has helped you. Give us feedback through the comment section if this works for you.

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