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Spotify is a fantastic tool for listening to your favorite songs and albums, finding new music, and creating playlists for friends. However, the user experience is extremely constrained if you aren’t paying for it. 

By upgrading your Spotify premium account, you can get unlimited skips, free downloads, offline listening, and many other wonderful benefits.

Fortunately, listening to good music doesn’t have to break the bank. Spotify can be used for free or for a small fee. So let’s talk about how much Spotify Premium costs and consider ways to save money before signing up with your credit card.

Plans for Spotify Premium are described

Pandora Free

As long as you don’t mind commercials, you can listen to anything you want on the mobile, web, or desktop Spotify app and on compatible smart tvs and gaming consoles. Basic search and play options are offered, including the capacity to repeat recent albums, subscribe to podcasts, and more. 

While the free service is more than sufficient for casual listeners, more frequent users might find the constant advertisements, constrained shuffles, and marginally worse sound quality annoying.

Individual users of Spotify Premium pay $10 monthly.

More than 82 million ad-free tracks and the opportunity to download your music directly to a device and obtain superior streaming quality are all available to those willing to pay a small fee. 

For travelers and consumers using Spotify during their commute, the ability to save tunes and podcasts for offline listening is excellent. When you sign up for the first time, you also get a month for free.

Duo costs $13 per month for Spotify Premium.

You can share your Spotify subscription with a friend, relative, or partner “under one roof” by using Spotify Duo. 

Both users receive individual Spotify dashboards with features like collaborative playlists, which you and a group of friends can edit and add to, as well as 

Blend a playlist that combines collaborative playlists and Spotify’s personalization to automatically “blend” together each user’s (up to 10) musical preferences in a shareable playlist. Cost-wise, it consists of two accounts at $6.50 per month each, with attractive sharing options for best friends and couples.

The student price for Spotify Premium is $5 monthly.

You can purchase a Spotify Premium subscription named Student at a discount if you’re a student (you’ll need a legitimate student email address). Showtime and an ad-supported Hulu subscription are also included. Just be sure to sign up again as a student after a year, or Spotify will cancel your Hulu access and begin billing you for the full price of a Premium membership.

Family members pay $16 monthly for Spotify Premium

The Spotify Family plan, which allows you to have up to six individuals on one account, might be more appealing to those who have loved ones who also want to stream music. It also includes various parental control features and Spotify Kids, a separate app for kids. 

You don’t have to worry about your children unintentionally streaming explicit music because Spotify Kids includes kid-friendly tracks. You may also create playlists for the kids so they can only listen to what you approve of. You receive all of the service’s features, such as Blend and collaborative playlists. Volume is key once more. Separately, six accounts would cost $60 each month.Download Tinder Mod APK 14.0.1 (Gold Unlocked).

Spotify offers

To promote its Premium services, which typically give a specific number of months of Premium for free, Spotify occasionally runs large-scale promotions. As part of an ongoing partnership with Xbox, players can receive four months of Spotify Premium for free when they sign up for Game Pass Ultimate, but only if they still need an account. 

You can get three free months of Spotify Premium using PayPal to pay. You might also be qualified for a free three-month trial of Spotify Premium if you recently purchased a new Samsung Galaxy device. Still, this offer is only accessible in the United States.

We advise keeping an eye out for these reductions because new offers always appear throughout the year. Even if you don’t find anything, be aware that signing up for any Premium plan will automatically qualify you for a free month of Spotify Premium.

Premium Plans for Spotify Partners

To provide special deals that can help you locate discounts for the service, Spotify also collaborates with a few major corporations. These offers may change over time, but common choices include the following:


You can benefit from six months of free Spotify Premium if you shop at Walmart frequently enough and already have or are thinking about getting a Walmart+ membership for $13 per month or $98 per year. The sole restriction is that you cannot already have an active Spotify Premium account.

Starbucks personnel

Starbucks is one of the companies that provides its “partners,” employees, with a free Spotify Premium membership.


Like the Walmart promotion, you can open a PayPal account and get three months of Spotify Premium free if you don’t already have one.

Please take note.

Prices for Spotify can differ from nation to nation and occasionally don’t translate into local money. For instance, plans in the United States currently start at $10 per month. Still, Australian users can receive identical capabilities for $12 ($7) per month, U.K. users pay £10 ($11), and Indian users only pay 119 INR (just over $1) per month. Always compare pricing in your area and think about using a trustworthy VPN.

How Spotify stacks up against the opposition

If you need help deciding between Spotify and a competing service, it’s probably either Apple Music or youtube Music. You can also download original APK from Google Play.

All three services have unique Premium, ad-free levels that cost $10 per month, are comparable for their other tiers and boast similar features, but Spotify wins out – at least in our eyes. 

Why? Because it features the best user interface, the largest selection of on-demand music, superbly curated playlists, and a better free tier (specifically, Spotify Free) than youtube Music’s free plan for individuals who don’t want to or can’t commit to a long-term contract.

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